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The Social Media Mining book is published by Cambridge University Press in 2014. Please see Cambridge’s page for the book for more information or if you are interested in obtaining an examination copy.

You can download a complete pre-publication draft or separate chapters in PDF format. The reader is allowed to take one copy for personal use but not for further distribution (either print or electronically). The book is available for purchase from Cambridge University Press and other distribution channels.

Social Media Mining: An Introduction (Complete book: 382 pages, 4.77 MB)

Separate Chapters:

Chapter Title PDF
1 Introduction to Social Media Mining
Part I: Essentials
2 Graph Essentials
3 Network Measures
4 Network models
5 Data mining essentials
Part II: Communities and Interactions
6 Community Analysis
7 Information Diffusion in Social Media
Part III: Applications
8 Influence and Homophily
9 Recommendation in Social Media
10 Behavior Analytics